Feng Shui your Bedroom

1st June 2022 Off By Marketing

Feng Shui allows for energy flow, and the best place to have a good flow of energy is in the bedroom. By utilizing some Feng Shui bedroom rules, you can turn your area into the restorative, restful place you want it to be. Herewith some tips to promote good Feng Shui in your bedroom.



Your bedroom is a place where you go to sleep and relax and if you can’t it might be time for a change. Choosing the correct Feng Shui colour can help bring that specific energy flow you require for a good night’s rest.

So, it makes sense to go for colours that are relaxing and calming. Choose earthy colours as they are the best for Feng Shui and will promote rest and relaxation. People do have different preferences, some like a light oatmeal colour, while others feel that a soft grey is better. Lighter blues or greens can also be a nice way to promote a place of calm as long as it is light and not too intense.

Use the basic principals of the 5 elements, Fire, Water, Earth, Metal, wood and the 8 directions when choosing Feng Shui colours. The various combinations of the five elements with the eight directions can create an extremely productive cycle. If you use the colours without any knowledge of the Feng Shui elements and directions, it can end up being a cycle of destruction.



  • North

Water is your element if your bedroom is located on the Northside of your house. The Feng Shui colours to use will be different shades of blue and black. The Water element also governs luck in a career and finances. If it is work or lack of money giving you sleepless nights, then changing your wall colours will allow the Feng Shui energy to bring a promotion or new sources of finances into your life.

  • North-East & South-West

The Earth element corresponds with the North-East and South-West direction. The Feng Shui colours to choose are brown, yellow, and pink. The Earth element is responsible for luck in romance and sexual pleasures.

  • East & South-East

The principal element here is Wood, so choose green and dark brown colours to enhance your good chi. The Wood element here governs the family and health side of your life. If you choose green and brown nature-like colours for your bedroom, you can save yourself from headaches, stress, and bad moods

  • South

Fire will be your element here if bedroom is on the Southside and red will be the best colour here.             Red is a very bright and flashy colour but there are various shades of it that you can choose from. If           you not keen on a red wall, just add red decorative pieces such as a red paintings or red bed cover.           Bloggers or media people will benefit from the fire element as it can bring fame into your life.

  • West & North-West

The dominating element for this direction is Metal, so choose white, gold, and silver as your Feng Shui colours. This Metal element is also responsible for everything related to children and pregnancy.



The position of your bed also plays a big role in the overall Feng Shui of the room. Some people say that the bed should give you a view of the door, while others say, your head and bed should face North. Give it a try and see what you think.

Headboard can carry a lot of significance, but avoid metal, wooden bars or spindles. Rather opt for a headboard that is made out of solid wood or fully upholstered. The best shapes being square, rectangular or curved.

Keep the space underneath of your bed clear, never place mementos or things under your bed that holds emotional energy. Make sure it’s completely empty under the bed so that the energy can flow clearly.



Symmetry in the bedroom is good for Feng Shui. Place bed side tables that are identical and evenly spaced on either side of the, add identical lamps for further symmetry. The more symmetrical the bedroom is, the more balanced the energy will be and feel.



Artwork works great in a bedroom, but always use art that is calming or that makes you feel content. It can be abstract or whatever style you like, also place it across from the bed, not behind it.



To keep that amazing energy moving in the bedroom you must clean every day. The more space and order in your room, the more relaxed and recharged you’ll feel while you’re in there. Too much clutter or misplaced items can be distracting.


Bad Feng Shui

  • Don’t place a mirror facing your bed. Mirrors catches movements and amplify sounds and can become visually distracting.
  • Fake plants and dried flowers are the opposite of living energy, they only collect dust but can represent dull, stagnant energy. Living plants have an ‘upward’ energy that can conflict with the energy you may want in your bedroom. Rather place your plants in other parts of your living space where they can be appreciated the most.
  • Cell phones, tablets, televisions and computers put out electromagnetic fields in addition to disrupting rest with blue light. It is best to keep your tech in a safe place and not by your bedside table or in front of your bed.
  • Don’t clutter your room with too many books, a few books are fine.
  • Don’t have a chandelier, fan, beams or heavy items over the bed. The chi gets affected, but to be honest, who can get a good night’s sleep if you worried something heavy might fall on you while sleeping.
  • Don’t hang artwork with Images of water. It might be calming but can work against the natural feelings of passion.
  • Don’t point furniture with sharp angles or corners towards your bed, this will disrupt the chi.
  • A lot of clutter disrupts Feng Shui and promotes unrest, make sure everything has a designated place instead of letting it pile up in your room.


By putting some of these Feng Shui bedroom rules into play, you can revitalize your bedroom and make it feel and look so much better. The above information can also help you create an atmosphere that is equal parts soothing and rejuvenating.