Benefits of Reading Bedtime Stories

27th May 2022 Off By Marketing

Sometimes, trying to get the kids to bed can be a difficult task. Now, this is where bedtime stories come in, they are the perfect medicine to get children ready for bed.

Why is Reading Important for Children and what are the benefits? Let’s have a look.

From the imagination of Roald Dahl to the magical world of Alice in Wonderland, there are an abundance of children’s books out there to choose from.

For little once to escape into an imaginary world of literature can be very beneficial. It is extremely import for kids to read as it helps them to learn and encourages their imagination.



When you read a good bedtime story to your child, they will sit still and listen, which in return will improve their concentration.

Just watching TV is an easy task for the brain, whereas reading is a lot more complex, it allows the brain to strengthen and build new connections.

By paying attention to a story, will help your child retain more information, so read to them often.



Some children have difficulty falling asleep at night. By reading a story at night will help them associate reading with bedtime, and get them into a routine.

Reading at night is one of many ways to get your child to sleep at night.



Reading to your children encourages them to read by themselves and the more you do it, the better!

By reading to children will help them learn and improve their vocabulary and language skills. Encouraging your child to re-read their favourite books over and over again will help them become confident readers.

Reading helps them learn new words and absorb sentences, that they can incorporate into their speech. So, to improve your child’s skills, let them read as much as possible.



Make story time fun, let them escape to a new fantasy world. By reading and listening to the description characters, places, and things, children can recreate these images in their head to bring the story to life.


Books can teach young children morals through the characters and situations in a story. Heroes found within children’s books can definitely have an impact even after you’ve finished reading.

Getting inspired by the actions of those in the story can teach your child the meaning of right and wrong. Learning and digesting these morals through stories is way more fun than being taught by an adult.



You will never too old for a good book, reading can be a fun activity for both parent and child.

As a parent, the mundane day-to-day life can be tiring. Going on an adventure with your child every night can be a welcoming relief.

As a working parent you don’t get to see your child much during the day. By reading a book before bed is a great way of spending quality time together and strengthen your relationship.


Not all children want to sit still or become bookworms. Here’s some tips to help them enjoy story time.

  • Let your child pick the book, take them to a library or bookstore and allow them to browse the selection there.
  • By allowing them some control might spark their passion for reading and get them excited for bedtime.
  • Make It entertaining, use funny voices for each character, throw in some sound effects and where appropriate, use humour.
  • Once you’ve finished reading, talk about the story, ask questions, look at the pictures again, by asking questions you’ll keep them interested.
  • Use reading apps, with technology today, these apps are a great way to encourage your children to read.


Get comfortable, choose a quiet place to read and make it enjoyable for both of you.