Remedies to stop Snoring Naturally

3rd June 2022 Off By Marketing

What is snoring? It is the sound you make when part of the respiratory system moves or vibrates as we breathe during sleep. These vibrations can happen if the airways are narrower than usual or if there is some kind of blockage. The sound can be anything from a wheeze, whistle or outright snore.

Snoring can be a nuisance to your friends or partner but the biggest affect it has is to your sleep.  Snoring reduces the quality of your sleep that can lead to sleep apnea or chronic sleep deprivation. It is important to Identify why you snore and then figuring out how to stop it.


Causes of Snoring

Being overweight is a big one, excess weight around your throat and neck can cause snoring. Men are more likely to snore as they have narrower air passages than women.

Having a blocked nose due to a cold, flu or allergies, sleeping flat on your back and the shape of your mouth can make you more susceptible to snoring.

There are also some medical conditions that can be responsible for your snoring at night. In children the most common cause is enlarged tonsils or adenoid glands, this can also affect adults.

Structural problems, a deviated septum nasal polyps or growths can be the cause of your snoring. Surgery can be an option to correct these kinds of breathing problems.

Sleep apnea is a very serious condition, this happens when the airway relaxes so much that it gets blocked, interrupting your breathing when you sleep.


Natural snoring remedies

Herewith some natural remedies to help with your snoring, should it be extreme, it’s best to seek medical treatment.


Having extra fat around the neck narrows the airways and that causes snoring. Losing some weight will help alleviate the problem.

Sleeping Position

Your airway can narrow or become blocked when you sleep on your back, resulting in a night of snoring. If this becomes a problem it’s time to change your sleeping position. It’s recommended that you sleep on your side. Back sleepers should invest in a body-pillow that will prevent them from rolling onto their backs.

Smoking and Alcohol

Drinking alcohol before going to bed will relax your throat muscles and cause you to snore. Quit smoking, smoking irritates the throat tissue and that leads to inflammation that will make you snore.


If you are a snorer, staying hydrated is highly recommended. Dehydration causes mucus to form in your nose and that leads to snoring. Men should consume at least 3.7 litres and woman 2.7 litres of water a day.


We not talking about hitting the gym here, this is exercising your tongue and throat. Snoring is caused when your tongue and throat muscles are too relaxed. Strengthening these muscles might help stop the snoring.

Singing is a great way to exercise your throat muscles, you can exercise your tongue by placing the tip of your tongue behind the top of your teeth and slide it back and forth for a couple of minutes a day.


Cut down on inflammatory food such as dairy and gluten products, these can inflame the tissues in your nose and throat.


The perfect solution to open up those airways, especially if you have allergies or a cold is to steam. By using a facial steam bowl, take a bath or hot shower before bed should open up your airways to prevent snoring.


Not getting enough sleep will leave you exhausted and this can relax your throat and tongue muscles causing you to snore. Grabbing the sedatives or sleeping pills will have the same effect, rather try some more natural home remedies. Get the recommended 7 to 9 hours of sleep to avoid a night of snoring and disrupted sleep.

Not sure which one will work, try them all until you find the right solution that works for you.


There can be various reasons why you snore and sometimes it can be a sign of a serious medical issue. If you snore a lot or notice changes in your breathing at night, seeking medical attention. Getting the right treatment will reduce the risk of any serious health conditions.