Pros And Cons of Being Lazy

31st August 2022 Off By Marketing

Are you a mid-day napper or like to binge Netflix for hours? Don’t feel ashamed, you are just being lazy and can actually benefit from it. Herewith is a list of the pros and cons of being lazy and how it is and isn’t beneficial to you. Don’t stress, the good outweighs the bad.


Pros of being Lazy


Mental Exhaustion

Some people may call it being lazy but for you, it is a simple knowledge that you need to rest. Taking a break or simply put, being lazy, can prevent physical and emotional burnout. Mental and physical exhaustion can lead to chronic fatigue, insomnia, and loss of appetite. Being lazy can help to recharge your mind and body.

Strategic Thinking

You probably know the famous quote from Bill Gates “I always choose a lazy person to do a hard job because he always finds the easiest way” which is very close to the truth.

Studies have shown that lazy people love thinking activities which can improve their strategic thinking and problem-solving skills.

Reset the Mind

A very powerful feature of being lazy is that it can reset our minds. So, it is time to finally take a vacation and give yourself a chance to reset your batteries. A well-rested person will most certainly improve their performance and productivity in the workplace.

Creating Ideas

Laziness will make you think a lot more, and the more you think the higher your chances are of creating great ideas that will be beneficial in the near future.

There are two modes of thinking, the diffuse mode, and the focused mode. Always try and keep a good balance between the two of them and switch them frequently. By maintaining this balance, you will give yourself the best chance to be on a high level of productivity and creativity. A wandering mind is a form of diffuse thinking that helps the brain to process information.

Ideas can pop into our minds at any time, so keep a notebook close by to capture all those amazing ideas, you never know, it might just be the start of something brilliant.

Emotional Intelligence

Watching your favourite Netflix dramas all day long can be good for you. A supervised study done by the University of Oklahoma found that watching certain TV dramas can help improve your senses. Observing the emotions and behaviours of the characters can help us become more sympathetic to others.

As you can see, being lazy can only make you a better person, and, I’m sure you will agree that there is nothing wrong with that.


Being a student can be pretty stressful and can have a negative impact on the growth of their young minds. The pressure of studying, tests and exams are often connected to the stress and anxiety these students deal with, so being chilled can be a good thing. This does not mean that you should quit studying, it only means that you should take regular breaks. Take a weekend off and be completely lazy, binge your favourite TV show, stay in bed or just do nothing.


Cons of being lazy


Financial Problems

Being too lazy can leave you in a state of financial disadvantage. Missing appointments, being late for work, oversleeping, or making excuses just to lie in bed, will eventually get you fired. You need to be lazy smart, be totally lazy on your days off but when at work remain a responsible hard-working person.

Weight Gain

When boredom kicks in you tend to eat more than you should and because you not doing anything physical, you won’t burn off all those calories. Try and cut out the frequent snacking and drinking. Healthy meals do not require a lot of effort and there are many exercises you can do inside your home.


Being lazy may make you feel insecure about your self-worth. But, as mentioned above there are a few reasons why laziness is awesome. You just need to have a healthy balance and practice it in the right way.

Achieve your Dreams

A high level of laziness may prevent you from using your full potential and become who you really want to be. Sometimes people don’t achieve their dreams because they are too lazy. Having a plan that is perfectly balanced will allow you to stay focused on your goals and still have time to do absolutely nothing.


Being too lazy can make you give up on your power to create a better future. If your laziness is because of some unhappy moments in your life, you might want to speak to an expert to establish if there is a bigger issue behind all of it. If there are no major issues and you feel completely fine then it is perfectly okay to be lazy from time to time. The best way is to discover your own unique way to be lazy and proactive at the same time.


Not everyone can be lazy and it can be different from person to person, but for those that are, it is important to know when to stop being lazy and start being active. Whether you are lazy or not, the most important thing is to always be happy.