Weight Limits on your Mattress

7th September 2022 Off By Marketing

Weight Limits on your Mattress

Talking about your weight can become a very sensitive topic, but when it comes to purchasing a new mattress that is one topic that must be discussed. It is very important to never exceed the suggested weight limit on a mattress. A higher weight load than what is recommended will wear out your mattress a lot quicker.



There are a variety of mattresses available and they are all individually designed to support a certain weight. The various materials used to construct a mattress will affect the weight limits allowed.  Heavy-duty springs can support more weight than average springs, the same applies to foam mattresses.  Higher-weight mattresses will be reinforced to provide heavier support.  Sleeping on a mattress designed for your weight will allow proper alignment of your body, too heavy and you’ll lose the proper support.


Base Support

Always make sure that your base is compatible with your mattress and that it can support your bed and body weight. An inadequate foundation underneath a mattress can make the mattress break down. The mattress will start to contour to the weak spots in the base. Therefore create issues in areas of the mattress not even related to your sleep area.



I always say, like a house, a mattress is an investment, with the proper care it is something that will last you 7 – 10 years. So, purchasing the incorrect mattress with the wrong weight limit for your body will not last as long as it should. You will flatten the comfort layers and the support core will no longer support you.


All weight ratings are per person per side. Meaning, if you are sharing with a partner, use the weight of the heaviest person when buying your new mattress. Remember, we only want you to get the best bed to support your body. Your weight only matters when you buy a mattress.