Fitted Sheets vs Flat Sheets

21st September 2022 Off By Marketing

We spend an average of eight hours a night snuggled up on and under them, but do you know the difference between your fitted and flat sheet?

A flat sheet is a rectangular sheet that you sleep under, whereas a fitted sheet is what you sleep on and has elastic on the corners. Here we’ll have a look at the purpose and advantages of fitted and flat sheets.


Fitted Sheet

A fitted sheet also known as a bottom sheet can be easily recognized by the four elastic corners that fit perfectly to the perimeter of your mattress. A fitted sheet is an additional barrier for your mattress, providing you with an extra layer of comfort.

Fitted sheets are easy to clean, just throw them in the washing machine with your other linen once or twice a week. The soft surface of a fitted sheet can improve your comfort while sleeping.


Flat Sheet

As the name suggests a flat or top sheet lays flat on top of your bed. Flat sheets can be tucked in under your mattress. It will not stay as securely in place as there is no elasticity like a fitted sheet. Top sheets can be used to cover you on warmer nights instead of a blanket or duvet.

Flat sheets can be used as an alternative to protect your mattress and ensure you get a good night’s sleep. Having a top sheet will prevent your duvet from getting dirty therefore you don’t have to wash your duvet as often.


The debate of flat sheets vs fitted sheets will probably continue to be a hot topic of discussion for a long time. Some people prefer to use a flat sheet, while others have no need for it as long as they have a duvet or a blanket.

The benefit of a fitted sheet is that it is a more slip-resistant option for protecting your mattress, whereas flat sheets can move around more easily.



Not sure whether a flat sheet or a fitted sheet is right for you, don’t panic, here’s how you can figure out which is better or not.

  • Don’t buy yet, borrow a flat sheet, and use it for a week to cover your mattress. Wash and make your bed as you normally would. If you can live with all the extra folding and tucking to ensure mattress coverage, then a flat sheet will be for you.
  • Try a fitted sheet for a week, using just your duvet, pillow, and fitted sheet and see if it makes a difference to your sleep quality.
  • Why not try them both, use a flat sheet to cover you while the fitted sheet covers your mattress. If you wake up with your flat sheet on the floor, you might not need one. But if you wake up snuggled in, you might want to hold onto it.


Choosing between a fitted and flat sheet comes down to personal choice and what you prefer, you can have both, it all depends on you.