Common Nightmares and their Meaning

27th July 2022 Off By Marketing

Have you ever dreamt of being chased, losing all your teeth, or witnessing your death? Do not fear, you are not alone, nightmares are a common phenomenon. Our dreams reflect what’s going on in our minds. Although decoding dreams are not that easy, here’s a simple guide to decoding some of the more common nightmares.

​For dreams to be nightmares, they must make you feel sad or scared. Nightmares usually occur during the REM sleep phase of sleep. Being stressed is a big trigger for nightmares.


Being Chased

Dreaming of being chased, suggests that you are running away from something or someone which causes you anxiety. It can also signify that you tend to run away and avoid certain things. The chaser in your dreams can be representative of yourself, for example, feelings of anger, jealousy or fear as a threatening figure is chasing after you.


Teeth Falling Out

Dreams about your teeth falling are generally linked to feeling insecure about your physical appearance and how others see you. It is an indication of feeling like you are falling short of certain expectations in parts of your life. These dreams normally stem from the fear of rejection or feeling unattractive.


Naked in Public

It might sound funny, but dreaming of being naked in public can make you feel very degrading and humiliating. The meaning of this dream is that you are afraid of being judged. Dreaming of someone else being naked and feeling sickened by it, can mean you are worried about exposing the other person.


Unprepared Exam

At least one in every five people experience an exam dream in their lives. These dreams tend to feel so real that you might get up thinking that you missed or failed your exam. It signifies your inability to advance to the next stage of your life.



Your dreams of having a tough time flying may suggest that someone or something is stopping you from moving on to the next step of life. The fear of flying in an aeroplane might mean that you have trouble keeping up with the high goals you have set for yourself. If you are alone in your dream and struggling to fly, you lack confidence in yourself.



Dreaming of falling is extremely common and all of us have experienced them not just once but multiple times in our lives. The dream is a sign of feeling anxious and insecure about a situation.


Out of Control Car

Dreaming about cars represents your drive in life and the direction you are taking. If your car goes out of control in your dream, you might feel off track and need to get back on the right road.


Being Late

Lateness in your dreams represents worry and anxiety about taking a different direction in life. It can also mean that you are trying hard to get things done but running out of time.


Missing Important Events

Dreaming about missing important events like a meeting, wedding or exam might make you feel stressed, sad and mortified. These dreams signify your expectations and worries that you are unable to live up to.