Sleep Positions and your Personality

22nd Jun 2022 Off By Marketing

Star signs have typical personality tributes so does your body language in bed, and it can reveal a whole lot about you. So, let us look at the meaning of your sleep position and what it says about your personality.


Free Faller

In this position you lie on your stomach, head turned to the side with your arms wrapped around your pillow. This is not the best position as it can cause bad neck and back pain.

The Free Faller is a confident, courageous, and very friendly character but finds it difficult to deal with criticism.



Side sleepers prefer this position, lying on your side with your arms straight down. It might not sound like the most comfortable position, but it keeps your neck and back aligned.  Sleeping in this position will help with neck and back pain.

Log sleepers are calm and collected characters. They make new friends easily, have a reputation as a social butterfly, trusting of other people and are fun to be around.


Fetal Position

If you sleep in this position, you curl up in a safe little ball with your knees at your chest. This is a more common position amongst women than men.

People who sleep in the fetal position are highly sensitive, and introverted at times but once they are comfortable in their surroundings they start to open up and relax.



This is another side sleeper position where you lie on your side with your arms stretched out in front of you.

Yearners have complex personalities, they can be both open-minded and cynical. They might take a while to decide, but once they made their decision, they stick to it.



sleeping on your back with your arms side by side just like a soldier. The name for this position is because of a soldier’s strong stance. This is not the best position for people with sleep apnea.

Soldier snoozers have high standards of perfection towards everything. They can be reserved in social situations and are often described as “the quiet ones”.



The starfish is more common amongst men than women. This position is where you sleep on your back with your arms up by your pillow or behind your head.

Sleeping in the starfish position means you are a loving and helpful friend and nothing is too much trouble. Starfish sleepers will always jump at the chance to help somebody or offer their support.

As you can see, your sleeping position can tell a lot about your personality traits. But in some cases, snooze positions are what you learned to find comfortable and not a natural unconscious decision.

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