How to Choose the correct Pillow

14th Jan 2022 Off By Marketing

There are a vast range of pillows available to cater for most sleeping positions. As with your mattress the correct pillow will provide neck, head and upper back support.

How to choose the right pillow, well it all depends on your sleeping position. Take a few nights to discover your sleeping position, try lying on your back, side and stomach to find the most comfortable position that you will fall asleep in, or take note of the position you wake up in.

The general rule is that back sleepers should have a medium thickness pillow. You need to elevate your head so it is in a natural alignment with your spine. Memory foam pillows are recommended for back sleepers as the foam moulds to the shape of your neck and head. You can also put a pillow under your knees to ease the pressure on your lower back.

Side sleepers should use a thicker high pillow that is quite firm. The aim is to fill the gap between your shoulder and neck. You can put a thin pillow between your knees this will correct the alignment of your spine which will alleviate backaches.

Stomach sleepers should buy a thin soft pillow or don’t use a pillow at all. Instead of sleeping flat on your stomach try using a body pillow that will force you to sleep more on your side which is better for your spine. If you don’t have a body pillow, try using normal pillows.

Sleepers who changes positions throughout the night should opt for a medium pillow or a pillow that will support the position you sleep in most often.


Memory Foam

Memory foam pillows provide great support for side sleepers especially if you struggle with neck and back problems. Memory foam uses the heat of your body to mould into the shape of your head, neck and shoulders, providing pressure relief and spinal support.


Latex Pillows

Latex pillows feel similar to memory foam pillows but does not get hot and gives you a cooler sleeping experience Latex Pillows offer support to the neck, shoulder and head it also ensure proper spinal alignment that can relieve pressure. Latex pillows retain their shape for many years.


Down or Feather Pillows.

Combining down and feather will give you a soft pillow. More down in a pillow means less support ideal for stomach sleepers. Pure feather filled pillows are less expensive but the quills can poke through the outer cover. Avoid pillows with a higher down to feather ratio as it can be bad for your allergies.


If your pillow is not offering the support that it once did, it might be time to replace it. Fluffing or folding it can only get you so far.

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