The Best Mattress For Your Child

20th Dec 2021 Off By Marketing

It is essential to choose the right mattress for your child’s developing body as young children can sleep between 10 and 14 hours a day.

Take the following into consideration before you head out to the Mall.

Does your child wet the bed, have allergies or battle with insomnia, do they sleep on their side, back or stomach?

You get different types of mattresses, Foam, memory foam, spring and hybrid with various comfort levels.

Due to the developing body of a toddler, it is recommended to purchase a firm mattress.

Memory foam mattresses mold to your body shape and therefore not ideal for toddlers as their spine is still developing.

Foam mattresses also retain body heat which activates the molding function and that can lead to your child being too hot and uncomfortable.

Pocket spring mattresses are more suitable as it provide firmness and comfort and doesn’t mold to your body.

As your child grows their sleeping positions change and you can now look at other options.

Latex mattresses are ideal for side sleepers as it offers the firmness to support their neck, head and shoulders.

Stomach sleepers should choose a medium-soft to firm mattress and back sleepers should choose a mattress to support their hips, trunk and shoulders.

Always ensure that your child’s mattress will provide even weight distribution and spinal alignment to prevent the risk of body pain.

Always use a mattress protector to eliminate dust mites that can cause allergies and to protect their bed against accidental spills.

Finding the perfect mattress for your child is a necessity as it plays a vital roll in your child’s growth and provide them with a good night’s sleep.

Before making that final decision, take your child along to the bedding store and let them lie on the bed with you for at least 10 minutes.

Make it a fun time out.

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