How to Care for your new Mattress

18th Dec 2021 Off By Marketing

A new and clean mattress promotes a better night’s sleep. Herewith a few tips on how to look after your mattress.

The lifespan of your mattress depends on many factors, by following a few easy care steps you can increase the life of your mattress.

Your average mattress is designed to last anywhere between five to ten years, with the proper care it can be longer.


Proper Mattress Support

A new mattress needs the support of a proper base or should you have a bed frame make sure it has the right number of slats to prevent sagging over time.


Mattress Protector

It is recommended to use a mattress protector right from the beginning. A good quality waterproof or liquid resistant mattress protector will guard against spills and accidents.

Mattress protectors will reduce the amount of dust and dirt that makes it onto your bed and will prevent a build up of skin oils, mold and dust mites that may cause allergies.



An easy way to clean your mattress is to regularly vacuum it. Vacuum your mattress at least every 3 to 6 months, more frequently for those suffering with allergies.

Take caution when cleaning spills or spots as too much liquid can cause mildew or mold and damage the foam in your mattress.

Never use bleach or harsh detergents these can damage the fabric on your bed. Make sure your mattress is completely dry before putting your sheets back on.


Clean Linen

Your linen should be washed and replaced regularly even with a mattress protector on, your linen can still accumulate body oils, sweat, dead skin cells and dust mites.


Rotate or Turn your Mattress

Your mattress should be turned or rotated at least four times or more a year to distribute the wear evenly.


Mattress Care when Moving

When moving your bed into a new room or to another house make sure to measure the doorway and passages so that your mattress will fit without bending as this can cause damage to your mattress.

Moving to a new home make sure to cover your mattress in plastic to avoid scuffs, scratches, dirt and water damage. It is preferable to keep your mattress in an up right position when in transit.


Going on Vacation

It’s holiday time but before you leave, strip your bed this will allow your mattress to breath and air out any smells leaving your mattress refreshed.


Things Not to do

Don’t jump on the bed, jumping can damage the springs in your bed as well as the base and even the foam can wear down quicker if you are hard on the mattress.

Never sit on the edge of your bed as this can cause sagging.

Avoid saturating your mattress as water can cause damage to the foams and create mildew or mold.

Don’t place a foam mattress on a solid board as it can cause your mattress to rot.

With the proper care of your mattress is can last a long time.

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