Memory Foam vs Spring Mattress

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The basic difference between the two mattresses is in their feel, while a memory foam mattress is more body-conforming and pressure relieving the spring is bouncier with more give.

Memory foam and Spring mattresses both have their benefits and drawbacks. Choosing the best mattress type for your body is important for quality sleep.

Visiting one of our stores to test the various comfort levels are highly recommended.


Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam is made by treating the polyurethane foam with chemicals that will enhance its density and viscosity.

Viscoelastic foam is temperature and pressure-sensitives, it uses the heat and weight of your body to soften the foam allowing it to mold to your body.

Memory foam mattresses are ideal for those struggling with back and joint pain as it provides natural spinal alignment and enhances lumber support. Perfect for people sleeping on their backs or side as it provides natural spine alignment and enhances lumber support.

Your traditional memory foam mattress is an open-cell foam, some manufacturers expand those cells for better airflow to combat heat retention, most manufacturers also ads a cooling gel to some of their mattresses to decrease the temperature of your bed. See our Cloud Nine Range.


Spring Mattresses

The basic structure of a spring mattress consists of metal coils or springs that are covered in foam to create the support layer so that you don’t feel the coils or springs.

The support layer then gets a comfort layer consisting of a quilted top which determine the comfort of the mattress. The various types of coils, springs, foam and quilts is what makes up your traditional mattress. The quilted top and foams contribute to the comfort of your mattress and the spring and coils provide airflow to make your mattress breathable.

A coil mattress is sometimes recommended for people sleeping on their stomach because the coil layer pushes back preventing the body from arching unnaturally.

The feel of a spring mattress can be different depending on the springs or coils used. Bonnel Springs are your more cost-effective spring, shaped like an hourglass that forms the support layer.

Pocket Coils are more expensive, the coils are individually wrapped which reduces motion transfer making it a more favourable option.

Offset coils are tightly connected to form a layer that provides a firm support and are durable.


Hybrid Mattresses

A Hybrid bed combines the benefits of two different kinds of beds. Hybrid mattresses has coils in the support layer with either memory foam or latex in the comfort layer.

Individually fabric wrapped Pocket coils are usually found in Hybrid beds to isolate motion transfer with a firmer edge support making it easier to get out of bed.

Hybrid Mattresses has a comfort layer either of memory foam or latex that molds to your body’s curves providing pressure point relief and spinal alignment if you sleep on your back.

The benefit of a Hybrid mattress is a firmer bounce and an increase in airflow due to the pocket coil.

Hybrid bed are suitable to all body types and sleeping positions. See our Reshzor in store.

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